June 21 West Buttress Expedition – Backcarry from Camp 2

Assistant guide Patrick Lane called in last night with the update! Yesterday the team left Camp 2 (11,200′ 3413m) with relatively empty backpacks and walked down to their cache around 10,000′ (3048m). They dug their cache up out of the snow and stashed it all in their packs, then they returned to camp. Backcarry days are relatively short days, we call them “active rest days”. All part of the plan when it comes to aiding in acclimatization. It’s good to get a little bit of movement, but most of the day will be spent resting and refueling. They went over some technical climbing practice like how to properly use an ice ax as well as crampon technique in preparation for today. Today they will be heading up to 13,000′ (3962m) to cache around Windy Corner!

Here’s Patrick:

Audio Recording

Sunset views at Camp 2 – a rare sighting from earlier in the season around 10:30pm!

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