June 2 Team Moves to High Camp

Yesterday the team was able to pack up at Camp 3 (14,200′ 4328m) and move up to High Camp at 17,200′ (5242m). They retraced their steps from cache day. Starting first by climbing the slope from 14,200′ (4328m) for a couple of hours up to the beginning of the fixed lines at 15,000′. Here they attached their ascenders to the rope and climbed up to the ridge at 16,200′ (4937m). Once on the ridge the team ascended another 1,000′ into High Camp at 17,200′ (5242m). Carly reports the team performed very well on this pretty challenging day. Now that they have arrived in High Camp they are prepared to put in a summit bid soon!

Sunset at High Camp

Here’s Carly: “I just want to say hi and I love you to.. anyone who is listening!” We love you too, Carly!!


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  1. Hi Carly – It’s so nice to hear your voice and know you are okay and let you know I love you so much. I’m enjoying following your trip, you are the bravest person I know. I hope the weather is agreeable for your climb. Be safe and thanks for letting me experience this climb through you! God knows I could never do it. Aunt Nancy and Uncle Richie love you very much!!!!!!!

    • I just had to reply that we sure love Carly, too! She has been a huge asset to our Mountain Trip Family and she brightens up the room each time she comes into our office. It’s had not to yell out an enthusiastic, “Carlita!” just thinking about her. Good job Casternovia Family!!!
      Todd Rutledge

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