June 18 West Buttress Expedition – Rest Day & Games at Camp 2

Phil called in last night to give us an update! Everyone enjoyed a second rest day at camp yesterday. Sounds like they had a great time playing card games and dice games. The cook tent has a lot of spaces and snow benches for each person to sit on, and often offers a great communal space for everyone to hang out and pass the time together. Lots of laughs and good times, and not to mention good food, are often had in this space! Lead guide Harrison cooked the team a delicious Italian dinner. Today the team will move up to Camp 3 in a “single push”. That means on their way up to Camp 3 they will grab their cache so they can have a rest day the following day rather than retrieve their cache.

Camp 2 at 11,200′ on the West Buttress Route on Denali.

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