Today the team made its way up the Vacas Valley to camp at Pampa de Lenas, located at approximately 9,000 ft. The team followed the Vacas river for about four hours before reaching camp. Nick reports good weather (hot! 80 F) and good company! The team is in for a treat tonight for dinner. The arrieros, or mule drivers, are preparing the team an “asado”, a traditional Argentine barbecue. An asado dinner is not only tasty, but it will provide the team with energy for the coming weeks.

The plan is to eat well tonight, get a good night sleep, and continue heading up-valley to the next camp at Casa de Piedra.

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  1. 9000 feet and the real ether begins.
    If you climb high enough, can you actually feel the spin of the earth at 1000 miles per hour? Question from an eleven year old fifth grader!

    Remember we cannot solve today’s challenges with yesterday’s tools that created them. Use innovation and the unexpected of the moment to navigate into a journey of success.

    Have fun!

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