Hard decisions and a shift in our Everest team

We’ve had some significant changes to our Everest team in the past couple of days.

Some of our team have had a change of heart as far as their priorities are concerned at the present time.  An expedition like Mount Everest is a huge commitment, and traveling through the Icefall is fraught with hazards that cannot always be mitigated.  Reflection, and introspection are important for any climber on any big mountain, and our team is definitely considering what their priorities are, in the face of the hazards and risks ahead of us on this mountain.

Such conversations are challenging, to say the least, and we are proud of each team member for their honesty, forthrightness and deliberation as they worked through their personal decision making processes.  Three of our team have decided that, due to personal decisions and priorities, continuing up the mountain is not what they want to do right now.  Each climber has his or her own reasons, and while we will miss their company in the coming weeks, we have complete respect for their very difficult decisions.

Manoj will continue upward, in the company of Scott and our Sherpa team.  The three other climbers will fly back to Kathmandu from Lobuche.

Best of luck to everyone!

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