Everest Team on the Summit!!!

We just received the call from the top of the world!  The entire team is on the top right now, at 6:55am Nepal Time.  It’s a beautiful morning and they are enjoying the views from the top of the world.  Congratulations to our climbers, guides, and of course the Sherpa who are standing on top of the world at this very moment.  It’s been a tough season, but Scott just called and said this was the best summit day he’s ever had (#7 for Scott) and the whole team is doing great.

Congratulations to:

Albert Connaughton

Tim Hilgendorff

Joerg Spieldenner

Jacob Schmitz

Scott Woolums

And of course our Sherpa climbing team.

1. Pasang Gambu Sherpa
2. Da finjo Sherpa
3. Da Ongchu Sherpa
4. Pasang Karma Sherpa
5. Karma Geljen Sherpa
6.Kaji Sherpa
7. Da Nuru Sherpa
8. Temba Sherpa
9. Samden Sherpa
10. Lam babu Sherpa

They left the S. Col at 10:50pm and were at the top at 6:55 am May 26th.

We’ll hear back again when they are back down to high camp at the S. Col and I’ll post a dispatch so everyone can get some sleep tonight.


Bill Allen/Mountain Trip


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