EBC Team Arrives at Base Camp

Our team arrived at Everest Base Camp on schedule on April 13 with beautiful clear skies and no wind. Base camp is a bustling small “village” as climbers from all over the world are arriving to set up their home for the next two months. There are about 200 foreigners preparing to climb Mount Everest this season. Along with hundreds if not a couple thousand local Nepalese Sherpa to assist. Everest Base Camp is located at 17,600 feet on the Khumbu glacier at the very end of the Khumbu valley and right out of camp is the infamous Khumbu Icefall that gives passage to one to climb Everest.

As we arrived, our base camp team composed of eight Sherpa had a hot lunch waiting for us with tea and coffee. After lunch Ngatemba Sherpa, Dave and John went for a short walk towards the Khumbu icefall in and out of perfectly balanced rocks and ice structures. A small dusting of snow came along and the blue skies came back out for a clear and crisp evening as we settled into our tents for the night.
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