Earthquake and Avalanche at Everest BC. Mountain Trip Team All OK

Just off the phone with Jacob from Everest Base Camp.  They felt a “large” earthquake at base camp just before 12:30 today April 26 followed by massive avalanches from surrounding peaks.   Jacob has lived in Southern California for many years and has felt many earthquakes and said “this was a big one.”  The earthquake has shook loose avalanches from surrounding peaks, including Pumori, which sits above Everest Base Camp.  The avalanche and powder blast came through base camp destroying many tents and putting a hole in our big dome.

It is currently snowing and hard to see up into the icefall, but Jacob reported active avalanches continuing from surrounding peaks minutes later while we were on the phone.   Our base camp team was able to talk to our team up at Camp 2 who reported they did not feel it as strong up there and they were all OK.


Jacob just called back at 12:45 Nepal time and said that there are reports of injuries from the avalanche amongst other teams at base camp.  He is going to see what he can do to help for now and will report in later.

All of the Mountain Trip team, Sherpa and Climbers are safe and accounted for.

Here’s Jacob:




Also just hearing news that the earthquake shook Kathmandu and there has been significant damage in the city.  Our hearts go out to the people of Nepal today.



I spoke with Scott Holder who is in the village of Lukla.  He is OK but reports that there was significant damage there as well.

Our folks in Kathmandu are reporting significant damage, but so far they and their families are OK.  Communications to Nepal are pretty challenging right now with the phone networks damaged and what remains is maxed out with calls.


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