Jacob just called to let everyone know that the team is back at camp, settling in for the night. Sounds like they are going to have some hot drinks and a bite to eat, then hit the sack. The plan is to head back to base camp tomorrow, and hopefully fly to Union Glacier tomorrow evening.

Again, congratulations, team!

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  1. Hi team, good to know you are back at camp, thinking
    about you, love you, thanks for the excitement and
    the safe return, and can’t wait for you to get back
    home where you are safe and sound. Congratulations,
    you have made this a big moment in my life. Thank
    you, go Chris, love, mom.

  2. Happy and relieved to hear all are down safely. Enjoy your hard-earned, post-summit rest. Chris, I hope you feel better very soon. I hope you have nice conditions for the “stroll” down to base camp, and good flying weather for the jump to Union Glacier. There’s already a fresh team in Chile, eager to head Jacob’s way…no rest for the weary.

  3. Congratulations team ! And well done Tashi and Nungshi for completing your goal of summiting the top peaks of every continent. What could be next ? Safe trip home !

  4. Just want to say thank you one last time to Jacob, “our”
    Guide, to the twins and congratulations, congratulations!
    Hang in there, hope to read about you someday as famous
    climbers! Thanks to Chris, my son, for the moments,
    Terri, Chris’ wife, for sharing anxieties as well as
    exciting moments, and, of course, Chris, for this trip
    he took us all on. Thank you, Mountain Trip, for your
    excellent communications, helping us at home experience
    these grand adventures. Good luck to you all, Sandy

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