Dec 20 Aconcagua – Hike to Camp 2

Curtis called in last night to report about the team’s day yesterday. The team continues to acclimatize using the “climb high, sleep low” technique. After waking up yesterday to a beautiful scene of clouds below them and blue sky above, they left Camp 1 and climbed up through a broad bowl of scree, which makes up the uppermost portion of the Relinchos Valley. This area was once covered by the Relinchos Glacier. Above the scree, our team climbed north and followed the Ameghino Valley. This Valley sits between Cerro Ameghino (19,616′ 5,978m) and Aconcagua. It’s nice, easy hiking through here with one small “glacier” crossing. Camp 2 sits just shy of 18,000′ (5,480m).

Here’s Curtis!


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