Aconcagua Team on the way up to the Andes

The team met yesterday as the last of the crew arrived in Mendoza.  They did the final checks to be sure that everyone had the gear they needed, and then retreated to a local pub for a “Team Meeting” before dinner.   They enjoyed the classic steak and Malbec dinner in Mendoza at A Zafran in the Sarmiento district.   This morning they’ve already stopped by the Aconcagua Park offices in Mendoza to pick up their permits, and they are driving up to the small ski resort/lodge of Penitentes at about 9000 ft in the Andes.   They’ll pack their gear for the mules to carry, and spend the night at the lodge tonight.  Tomorrow they’ll begin the trek up towards Aconcagua carrying only day packs as the mules do the hard work for now.

The Aconcagua Team Enjoying Dinner in Mendoza

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