Aconcagua Team down to base camp

Jacob called this afternoon from the Plaza de Mulas base camp after descending this morning from high camp.  The descent is almost 6000 ft down the giant hill of scree (loose gravel/rock) that is the “Normal Route” on Aconcagua.  Tomorrow they’ll get up early one last time to begin the hike out the Horcones Valley to complete the traverse of Aconcagua.  We prefer to descend the Horcones Valley to experience a different side of the mountain, and it is a bit shorter going out that way as opposed to the way they came in.  The whole team was sitting down for Pizza and beer at base camp when they called and Jacob was going to try to convince one of the team to call in the evening dispatch, but it seems they all had other things on their mind, probably sleep.  They’ll be back to the lodge at Penitentes tomorrow!



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