Aconcagua – Photos From Plaza Argentina!

The team has some amount of connectivity at the Plaza Argentina Base Camp, and our guides took advantage of the internet to send us some photos of the trip thus far.

In chronological order:

pampas de lenas aconcagua

The team enjoying dinner at the Pampas de Leñas on the first evening of their approach.


vacas valley view

Looking south down the Vacas Valley from across the river from Casa de Piedra.


rio vacas mule crossing

Crossing the Rio Vacas in style!


aconcagua crossing vacas river

A bit of a closer shot of crossing a small branch of the Vacas.


hiking into relinchos

The team beginning their hike into the Relinchos Valley, on the west side of the Rio Vacas.


relinchos hike aconcagua

Farther into the Relinchos valley, the mountain comes into view!!


aconcagua cerro ameghino

Atop the Relinchos headwall, with Aconcagua (left) and Cerro Ameghino in sight!


plaza argentina

Most of the team relaxing at Plaza Argentina (first of two images).


plaza argentina part 2

The rest of the team! Base Camp is pretty nice after the dust of the trail.

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  1. It is really lovely to see these pictures – remarkable landscape and terrain. It is also good to see the members of the group relaxing. I am not able to recognise the member of my family but I presume he is somewhere amongst the bearded throng.

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