2012 Everest Team – Quick Update

Good news and bad news from the Khumbu!

Ania, Joerg and Albert are all in Lukla tonight awaiting for a flight to Kathmandu tomorrow.  Tim, Jacob and I are in Namche and we are planning to hike to Lukla tomorrow.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that flights from Lukla to Kathmandu have been delayed and/or cancelled now for 4-5 days now and there are a lot of people waiting. So hopefully, Ania, Joerg and Albert will fly tomorrow morning.  If not we are considering chartering a helicopter to fly us all out. We’ll know more about this tomorrow, and will keep everyone updated.  Everyone is anxious to keep in motion towards home, but everyone is very comfortable and well looked after, so any delay is really just an inconvenience.

Thanks for following the blog! We are planning to post some great videos and more pictures as soon as we arrive in Kathmandu.  Hopefully that will be on the 1st of June!

-Scott reporting from Namche, Nepal


A cloudy Namche in the afternoon

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