Greg Harris

Firstly, thanks again for providing excellent logistics and three fantastic guides to help on the Denali expedition. Joe is not only a great guide, but an awesome friend to have on an expedition. As I’m sure you’re aware a big part of the reason climbers repeat climb with a guide company is as a result of the relationship with the lead guide on their previous expedition; and I can tell you that being able to climb with Joe certainly is a big reason that I want to climb with Mountain Trip again. As I mentioned to you previously, I thought Josh and Blaine were also excellent and I’m hoping that you continue working with them in the future.

I must say that you’ve certainly surrounded yourself with an awesome group of guides (which, it should go without saying, includes your admin staff – i.e. Laura who’s awesome as well. It was my pleasure to actually get to meet her at 14k and 17k). I also owe a big thank you to Bill, who suggested that I ditch the monstrous inflatable pad I was going to use in place of the new Exped Synmat (at least new to me). This pad took up about one fifth of the space my old pad required, was lighter and warmer.

Secondly, thanks for the summit certificate – it arrived in the mail yesterday. It’ll look nice in a frame with a professional Denali photo, my personal summit photo and a replica of the summit marker that I purchased.

Thirdly, I know the concession licenses are up for renewal/review. Not that you need it, but I’d certainly be pleased to complete a letter of recommendation and send it to you, if you think it might be useful.

– Greg Harris