D. Stuart – Denali 2015

I didn’t leave a final blog update, but if I did it would have been something like this:
It’s always hard to explain to people why I like to go on these trips. There are a great many reasons, so it’s impossible to pinpoint just one. Nevertheless, one thing of many that I really appreciate about these trips is that they are great equalizers. Nobody is more or less important than anyone else on the team. So you end up stripping away all the niceties of modern society and teaming up to achieve a common objective. You cannot be “fake” out there. That will show through on day one. It puts on display who you are as a person, as well as those around you.
With that as a backdrop, I’d just like to say that I couldn’t be more proud, and humbled to have achieved this with my old friend Jacob, and my new friend Danny. Both of them are truly top notch characters, and people I respect and trust implicitly. You can’t ask for more than that on an expedition. Thank you to everyone at MT!