Colorado Mountaineering Courses


We honestly believe that the best place to prepare for an expedition to a big, glaciated mountain like Denali is Alaska, however; we also recognize that the 49th state is a long way from anyplace and it takes a lot of effort to get up there. Colorado offers some very good terrain to cover mountaineering skills as well, and it is arguably easier to get to than Alaska.

Due to permitting restrictions on public lands, Mountain Trip does not currently hold permits to conduct mountaineering courses in our area; however we have some friends who we work closely with who do hold the requisite permits.

Southwest Adventure Guides in Durango, CO is run by Nate and Keaton Disser and offers mountaineering courses of varying lengths.  Nate has worked with us on Denali and often employs our Denali guides to help run these courses.  Please contact at or give him a call at:  970-259-0370.

Clint Cook at San Juan Mountain Guides has also worked for us in Alaska and employs some of our Denali guides during the winter months.  Contact Clint or his wife Ryan in their Ouray, CO office at or call them at:  970-325-4925.

As always, feel free to contact us for advice about choosing a course or a location for a course. There are many good sources for instruction and we can help you narrow down the selection to find the best course in your area.

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