Colorado Mountaineering Courses


While we honestly believe that the best place to prepare for an expedition to a big, glaciated mountain like Denali is to take a course in Alaska, we also recognize that the 49th state is a long way from anyplace and it takes a lot of effort to get up there. Colorado offers some very good terrain to learn or review mountaineering skills as well, and it is arguably easier to get to than Alaska.

Mountain Trip is excited to offer climbing instruction and guided peak ascents in the San Juan Mountains outside Telluride, Colorado.  Our Winter Mountaineering Courses are designed to teach the novice or aspiring mountaineer the skills to expand your horizons in the backcountry and climb snow and moderate ice routes in the lower 48 states.  For aspiring Denali climbers, we also offer an Expedition Prep curriculum to prepare you for at attempt on the tallest peak in the US.

Topics covered in our Mountaineering Course include:

  • Route planning
  • Navigation
  • Terrain assessment
  • Camp selection and construction
  • Roped travel techniques
  • Movement skills in snow, loose and rocky terrain
  • Anchor techniques and construction

Our Expedition Prep Course covers much of the same, as well as:

  • Roped team travel techniques
  • Glaciology 101
  • Crevasse mitigation and rescue techniques
  • Introduction to climbing

As always, feel free to contact us for advice about choosing a course or a location for a course. There are many good sources for instruction and we can help you narrow down the selection to find the best course in your area.

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