Everest Team on the Summit!!!

By: Mountain Trip

We just received the call from the top of the world!  The entire team is on the top right now, at 6:55am Nepal Time.  It’s a beautiful morning and they are enjoying the views from the top of the world.  Congratulations to our climbers, guides, and of course the Sherpa who are standing on top of the world at this very moment.  It’s been a tough season, but Scott just called and said this was the best summit day he’s ever had (#7 for Scott) and the whole team is doing great.

Congratulations to:

Albert Connaughton

Tim Hilgendorff

Joerg Spieldenner

Jacob Schmitz

Scott Woolums

And of course our Sherpa climbing team.

1. Pasang Gambu Sherpa
2. Da finjo Sherpa
3. Da Ongchu Sherpa
4. Pasang Karma Sherpa
5. Karma Geljen Sherpa
6.Kaji Sherpa
7. Da Nuru Sherpa
8. Temba Sherpa
9. Samden Sherpa
10. Lam babu Sherpa

They left the S. Col at 10:50pm and were at the top at 6:55 am May 26th.

We’ll hear back again when they are back down to high camp at the S. Col and I’ll post a dispatch so everyone can get some sleep tonight.


Bill Allen/Mountain Trip


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36 Responses to “Everest Team on the Summit!!!”

  1. Jane Connaughton says:

    Hi albert! Mummy in tears of joy that you made it to the top!!! Woke up the whole house, even woke up up amy and leigh and miriam and all etc family members with excitement. Eugene is here in the kitchen aswell we all say well done!!! And well done to the rest of the team! Safe trip down so so happy you made it to the top CONGRATULATIONS!! see you soon love you lots love from jane and all the family xxxx

  2. mike crowley says:

    Sweet. Way to go! Be safe all!

  3. Dr. Manj says:

    Tim and team,


    Amazing feat!

    Safe return home!

  4. Becky Pine says:

    Yay for everyone!!! Thank you Bill for keeping us updated!

  5. aaron milton says:

    Congrats to everyone! jacob is my little buddy from school from way back. Way to go man!

  6. Fred says:

    Well done folks! Bring it home safely.

  7. "uncle" paul says:

    Tim, and team – – – GREAT !!!
    Now looking forward to hearing you are all safely down.
    “uncle” paul

  8. Liz and Ant says:

    Awesome news!!! Congratulations to all, big hugs to Tim and big thanks to team and the sherpas. Safe trek down!

  9. Claus says:

    Hallo Joerg,

    herzlichen Glueckwunsch!!!
    Gestern habe ich Ruediger erzaehlt, dass Du gerade auf dem Weg zum Gipfel bist. Der hat sich auch gefreut. Viele Gruesse auch von ihm.

    and Congratulations to the whole team.
    I wish all of you a save climb down.

    My morning is a bit more relaxed, will go to the pool now.
    Best regards from Singapore.



  10. Sue hilgendorff says:

    Congratulations to the entire team!!!! Be safe and stay strong on your trip back to base camp.

    A special thank you to scott, Jacob and the entire Sherpa team for leading such an awesome climb. Mountain Trip is the BEST!!!!

  11. Eric Baker says:

    that’s the shit! congratulations, jacob and the entire team. can’t wait to hear the details

  12. Nancy Pine says:

    Congratulations to all !!! May the Gods continue to be with you as you safely return. Thank you to Mnt Trip for keeping those of us anxiously waiting at home for the updates and great news.

  13. Véronique says:

    yeeeeeessssssss!!!!!!! Bravo Jörg tu es sur le toit du monde! 7/7 summits! Suis trop contente pour toi. Reste concentré pour la descente….Love
    Congratulations to everyone and safe trip down

  14. nik says:

    gratulation Jörg und die ganze Rasselbande. Kommt noch gut heim. Ich freue mich wahnsinnig für euch.
    Congratulations for everone for this unbelievable experience.
    Das ganze Saarland jubelt euch zu

  15. Eldon Boone says:

    Congratulations. Keep safe.

  16. Ronan O'Connor says:

    Congratulations to Albert and all the team. Fantastic achievement. Take care now on the wat down!!

  17. Stephen Scott says:

    A massive ‘WELL DONE’ Albert and team from Stephen and Cath (Kesh)

  18. Jörg says:

    Hallo Jörg,
    Glückwunsch für euch alle. Die Family Müller hat besonders die letzten Tage mit dir gefiebert. War ja alles nicht so einfach was man so aus der Ferne mitbekommen hat. Komm gut runter und wir freuen uns dich bald zu sehen.
    Gruß aus der Heimat an Mister Seven Summits :-)

  19. Conor Hogan says:

    Amazing and well done to Albert and the rest of the climbers, guides and Sherpas. Champagne on ice awaiting a safe return. Conor and Liz

  20. TONY MURRAY says:

    Congratulationa to Albert and all the team!

    Well done on a fantastic achievement!

    Have a safe trip back down

    Best wishes


  21. Pat Gleeson says:

    Amazing achievement Albert and Team, congratulations and safe descent. Pat G.

  22. Myriam Connaughton says:

    Well done Albert & team……you guys did great.
    Stay well & safe trip back to base camp now.
    Hugh Eileen & all are so happy you made it to the top!! Sending you lots of good vibes from dear old Dublin !!!
    See you soon.
    M x

  23. Albert…HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to you and Team! We are so proud of you all…as I said to you before “it is a long way from the top of Croagh Patrick to the Top of the World”…What a joy!…safe descent to you all…Best Wishes…John & Helen

  24. The Vollands says:


  25. Enda King says:

    Congratulatios from California !!
    What an amazing achievement in you life Albert !!!
    Well Done !!

  26. Thina says:

    Congratulations Albert …am so jealous!”..very proud to have you as my Boss…safe journey on descent…see you on return.Thina

  27. Judge Wilson says:

    Congratulations to the entire team and especially Jacob and Tim! Descend safely. Judge W.

  28. Grant Ritchie says:

    Hey Jacob and the team, what an amazing effort. Maybe just like Vinson this season Jacob, holding back and being patient has paid off!
    Look forward to hearing all about it when we next meet


  29. Kathleen Soukup says:

    Congrats all. What an amazing accomplishment. Special “shout out” to Joerg – way to go!! You’ve got all Seven under your belt!! Jim and I are so happy for you!!

  30. Mary Foley says:





  31. Gary Finnestad says:

    Congrats from yosemite

  32. Toni & All says:

    Big Sis says Congratulations on reaching the summit. What an achievement! Safe Home

    Toni & Co xx

  33. Albi & Tati says:

    Super! Tu as les 7 dans la poche. On t’attend pour fêter ça avec une bonne bouteille de Merlot.
    Bravo et félicitation à toute l’équipe.
    Tati et Albi

  34. AlOHA, Can ye hear me up there??? its a long way from Honolulu to the roof of the world..and the roofs of Dublin.
    Congratulations, what a tremendous feat for you Albert and all your colleagues, the guides and the Sherpa s.
    It gives me great hope, that if you set your mind to it and work hard you can conquer the world and realize your ultimate dreams
    You are an inspiration to us all.
    God Bless and safe trip home

  35. genny g says:

    amazing feat! our dear mr schmitz, congratulations! we’ll have an ice cold mammoth beer waiting for you in the curry bar when you decide to bivvy back down yosemite way. warm hugs await you :)

  36. Slug says:



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