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Mountain Trip has made a commitment to Low Impact Practices in all aspects of our business. We travel to some of the most beautiful and pristine areas in the world and do our best to minimize the physical and cultural footprints we leave behind. All of our guides are trained in the Leave No Trace code of ethics and we strive to make other business choices that will help make our planet an even better place to live.

Mountain Trip firmly understands that the choices we make affect our footprint on this planet. We try to minimize our impact and help make our world a better place by purchasing healthy expedition food with an emphasis on organic products that use minimal packaging, and we pack out our trash on all of our expeditions. We support vendors who practice lower impact policies. Our Mountain Trip T-shirts are made from bamboo and organic cotton and we utilize a solar powered web host to power our website.


black diamond partnersWe have partnered with Black Diamond Equipment, a company that has instituted a chemical and fluid recycling and reusing program that has greatly reduced its effluent discharge. In addition, they began operating with their own wind and solar generated power in 2007.


patagonia partnersWe also enthusiastically support Patagonia, which has committed to using only organic cotton in its cotton clothing and is a forerunner in using post-consumer recycled material in an ever-growing number of their products. Patagonia selected Mountain Trip as one of their “Pataguides” guide services. Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard published an excellent book/manifesto on his business philosophy called Let My People Go Surfing, which we feel also outlines many of our company’s ideals. Even if you’re not a businessperson, we encourage you to pick it up and read it.


Mountain Trip donates at least 2% of profits to Earth Friendly Organizations. Recipients of our support include the San Juan Riding Program, which offers riding therapy to folks with disabilities, the Telluride Adaptive Sports Program which provides skiing and other sport opportunities to people with disabilities, the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, and the Telluride Valley Floor Project. One of our favorite causes is Skills For Living And Learning, a non-profit school for special needs kids in SW Colorado, to whom we have donated over $20,000 in recent years.

TerraPass_LogoTerra Pass

We are offsetting the carbon emissions generated by our air travel with Terra Pass. Click on their logo to see how you can undo some of your contributions to global warming…

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