In 1973, Mountain Trip was born of an Alaskan daydream. A love of wild places and a dedication to offering the highest quality experiences transformed the dream into a reality and now Mountain Trip is one of the world’s outstanding mountain guide services. We began guiding Denali expeditions in 1976 with the Denali Hang Gliding Expedition and for the past 40 years we have shared our passion for high mountains with thousands of climbers from around the world.

As a company, we have tried to invest in our guides and we think that you will notice what a difference this makes on our trips. Mountain Trip has always felt more like a family than a corporation and this is a big reason that so many of our guides return year after year. As a result our lead guides are among the most experienced and respected on Denali. When you call our office with a question or comment you will reach someone who has climbed Denali many times and can give you advice based on personal experience not based on an informational cheat sheet. We live simply and are a small enough company to be able to give every climber who contacts us personal service. Ask other climbers about us!


The National Park Service sets the guidelines for who can lead commercial Denali expeditions. We think these official standards are a bit vague. Personally, we also feel that Denali is so different from other mountains that it demands a specialized skill-set to safely and successfully guide it. Anyone can have an easy trip or two or even three on Denali and feel like he or she has a good grasp of how to guide the mountain. It’s not until you’ve seen the many faces of Denali that you truly gain the respect and skills to competently manage the constantly changing conditions that can be thrown at you.

All of our Lead Guides have guided a minimum of five Denali expeditions. For the past three seasons, only two of our Lead Guides have had less than 10 Denali trips under their belts, so these standards not new. They are merely our promise to you that we will continue to lead the way with the most experienced guides on Denali. As you research potential guide services, ask other outfitters what their official policies are for their guides.

Mountain Trip is a small outfit with a family feel and we like it that way. We have grown and will continue to grow, but we’ll never offer any trips that we feel lack … soul. Maybe we’ve watched too many surfing videos, but we honestly care about only offering trips that we feel have a healthy dose of soul. Obviously this is subjective, but rest assured that if we cannot provide an expedition or course that has intrinsic value to its participants and provides it at the highest quality standard, we will not offer it. We love what we do and it shows.

35 Years on Denali

We’ve learned a thing or two about how to take great care of climbers in some of the most challenging environments on the planet. We’re also learning how to try to take better care of our planet.

“I really like Mountain Trip. Every person I met – Sean, Adam, Bill, even Caitlin whilst at Talkeetna – all were nice, and the locals respect MT. I was kayaking in San Juan Islands when a Outdoor Odysseys kayak guide saw me wearing the Mountain Trip T-shirt and asked if I worked for MT, or if I had climbed Denali. Turns out he works for the Avalanche patrol during the winter! I thought, cute guide initiating conversation? I’m going to wear this T-shirt ALL the time!”
-ML- 12 Day Mountaineering Course, 2010

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