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High Altitude Boot Webinar

Join Todd Rutledge, Guide and Co-Owner of Mountain Trip, and Jon Miller, Manager of Jagged Edge Mountain Gear, for a comprehensive overview of high altitude double and triple boots for climbing Denali.
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Watch our Kilimanjaro Trek 2020 Webinar

Join Mountain Trip’s lead guides for a virtual trek up Mount Kilimanjaro,

the final installment of out “7 Summits in 7 Weeks” webinar series!

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Carstensz Pyramid Webinar

Join our next installment of Seven Summits in Seven Weeks: Carstensz Pyramid! Mountain Trip’s lead guides take us for a virtual journey to Carstensz Pyramid (Puncak Jaya) in Indonesia. We’ve had some wild experienced climbing Carstensz Pyramid over the years. No matter your trip, you’re guaranteed a unique adventure. With exotic beaches and jungles below,…

Watch our Aconcagua 2020 Webinar

Recorded webinar: Join Mountain Trip’s lead guides for a discussion on the experience of climbing Aconcagua, with Q&A to follow. The highest peak outside of the Himalaya, Cerro Aconcagua beckons climbers from around the world. This beautiful, high, rugged mountain serves as a great introduction to high altitude mountaineering. Our panel of experienced guides answers…

Watch our Denali 2021 Webinar

Webinar recording: Join Mountain Trip’s lead guides for a look at what it takes to climb Denali as an expedition team, and Q&A session.

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Preparation and Training for Denali and other Big Cold Mountains

Preparing for Denali and big mountains Are you thinking about climbing Denali but maybe not sure if you are ready?  Don’t be intimidated – it’s a big arctic mountain, but with the right preparation it’s an attainable goal! We realize it can be difficult to determine if you are ready for Denali, so we’ll try…