Pre-Trip Skills Refresher

Climbers who don’t live near a mountainous area and want to brush up on their skills before heading up glacier on a Denali expedition might consider taking one of our short, pre-climb, refresher courses. You’ll fly into Kahiltna Base Camp with one of our guides and spend a couple days reviewing skills that you will be calling upon on your expedition. Typically, you will fly in immediately before your Denali climb and then have the option of flying off the glacier to meet your team in Anchorage or remaining at Base Camp to meet them when they land. Flying off the glacier before your Denali climb will obviously add to the cost of the course.  This option is not appropriate for climbers who have not taken a mountaineering course, or don’t have the appropriate experience already, but can be perfect for someone who may feel like they could use a refresher prior to the climb.

Skills we will cover can be tailored to your needs and wishes, but typically include: snow camping, glacier travel, sled rigging, ice axe and crampon techniques, running belays, crevasse rescue and fixed line, self belay techniques.

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