Takanori (Taka) Kondo

Growing up in suburban Massachusetts, the outdoor experiences of my childhood consisted mostly of extracurricular sports, with occasional forays into the wilderness with my local scouting troop. In 2012, I moved west to the Rocky Mountains to attend Colorado College. My pursuit of higher education progressed in tandem with my personal pursuits in the outdoors, which increasingly focused on climbing. I found myself drawn to the physical and technical challenges that climbing demands.

After completing my undergraduate studies, I moved to Jackson, Wyoming to work in residential treatment and wilderness therapy. Working therapeutically with struggling adolescents in the wilderness was an exceptionally fulfilling experience for me and left me with a robust set of soft skills. My focus has since shifted to developing my hard skills in the mountains. In 2019, I moved my life south to the San Juans in favor of the incredible access to technical terrain where I can continue to hone my skills.

Now Telluride feels like a home. I have the privilege of enjoying winter skiing, year-round climbing, cooking with friends, and new adventures in the San Juan Mountains. As I aspire to further  my mountaineering education through the AMGA, I hope to pass on my enthusiasm to others so that they, too, can challenge themselves and thrive in the outdoors!


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